We’re Thankful for You!

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays in the Hobson household. Though not a Greek tradition, we identify with the family values this special day carries and deeply appreciate the sentiments of gratitude that it symbolizes.


We were contemplating whether to offer a Thanksgiving special this year. After all, we had never done one before, aside from the usual catering orders around this time every year. However, the recent mandates that advise against large holiday gatherings made us think that perhaps we could contribute by offering an alternative festive dining option to those who won't be joining extended family this year.


Thank you for your patronage and support all these years, we count our lucky stars every day for customers like you! May we all have a happy and healthy holiday season!  


Please order online by Sunday evening, November 22nd. When placing your order, please select date, time and location for pickup. Orders can be picked up on Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We will be closed on Thanksgiving day. Our Mom Eugenia loyalty membership discounts can apply to this special meal.

Our Mom Eugenia's Thanksgiving Menu
- $60 per person, ordered in multiples of two -

Stuffed Turkey Breast, rolled and filled with Chestnuts, Brown Rice,

Pine Nuts, Raisins & Ground Beef, topped with Gravy

Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Cipollini Onions with Bacon

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Cranberry Sauce

Mixed Greens Salad with Pomegranate, Dried Cranberries,

Walnuts, Green Apples & Balsamic Dressing

Our Mom Eugenia's Apple Cake