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Our Mom Eugenia at the World Bank

Chef Eugenia is cooking at the World Bank this week! The Greek Embassy of Washington DC and the World Bank invited our restaurant to prepare our authentic Greek dishes on site, with the assistance of World Bank chefs, to celebrate Greek Heritage Days.

Chef Eugenia Hobson meets the Greek Ambassador Ms. Ekaterini Nassika
Chef Eugenia meets Greek Ambassador Ms. Nassika

We are greatly honored to have this unique opportunity to represent our country and celebrate Greek gastronomy with 600 employees of one of the most influential organizations worldwide.

It was a genuine pleasure to meet the Ambassador of Greece, Ms. Ekaterini Nassika, who didn't hesitate to share her recipe for spanakorizo with Chef Eugenia. We were also honored to have Mr. Michael Massourakis, alternate executive director for Greece at the International Monetary Fund, join us from across the street!

While World Bank president Mr. Ajay Banga didn't join us in the dining room, he did order food to be delivered upstairs. Word has it, he very much enjoyed our pastitsio!

Our grand-aunt Barbara Charalambous Pierce worked at the World Bank her whole life, from World War II up until the1980s, so this event hit especially close to home for us, since she was the first of our family to lay roots in the Washington DC region.

The menu included a wide range of Greek dishes, such as pastitsio, thalassina with orzo, spanakopita from the pan, arni kokkinisto, avgolemono and fasolada soups, a selection of salads and Greek cheese, spreads such as tzatziki, melitzanosalata, taramasalata and fava, as well as Greek pastries such as baklava, galaktoboureko and portokalopita!

We wish to thank Mike Weaver, Chef Nick Cavaretta and their team for providing us a warm welcome and a hospitable environment in their kitchen. We also wish to thank Mr. Panagiotis Dermentzoglou and Mr. Sam Zisis from the Greek Trade Office in Washington DC for organizing the event and inviting us to participate!


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