We count our lucky stars every day for customers like you. We are truly blessed to receive the support of such kind folks and we will continue to work hard to earn your business on a consistent basis.


As a small token of appreciation, we have launched a new customer loyalty program which we like to call... Eugenia Prime!  OK, so it's not actually called PRIME but it's somewhat similar to that subscription-based model.


When you become a loyal local member of our restaurant, you demonstrate your heartfelt support for us. We genuinely appreciate that. And in return, to show our gratitude, we’ll discount every order you make with us for an entire year.


There are three levels of support to choose from:

1) Bronze - for $25/year you get 10% off every order during that year
2) Silver - for $40/year you get 15% off every order during that year
3) Gold - for $100/year you get 25% off every order during that year


Here's how it works:

1) Select your membership plan and location.
2) When you become a member, our restaurant receives 100% of the membership fee.
3) You automatically receive an ongoing discount on every order you place for the entire year.


You can find out more details and purchase a plan today at one of the following links (log-in for existing customers or sign-up for new customers is required):




Memberships may only be purchased online, not in-store or over the phone.

Please keep in mind, your membership discount only applies to online orders on our website or smartphone ordering app, and can only apply to one location you choose, either Great Falls or Mosaic District. If you would like to add both locations, you would have to purchase a second membership.


The discount can be applied to one order a day and cannot be combined with other promotions. Gift cards cannot be accepted as a method of payment for online orders, only credit cards. Membership discounts apply to both our lunch and dinner menus. Third-party delivery apps such as UberEats, DoorDash or GrubHub are not included in this promotion.